Rapid, Even Heating of Large Surface Areas

Application: Wing Blade De-Icing System

Industry: Aviation

EGC collaborated with NASA and leading aircraft manufacturers to address ice hazard prevention, specifically solving the problem of in-flight icing for small aircraft.

How? EGC utilized its unique thermoelectric thin-film heater technology to achieve faster thermal response, improved temperature stability and increased operating efficiency over conventional metallic element resistance heaters. Its PTC solution was ideal since the flexible, electrically conductive nature of graphite foil technology has none of the drawbacks or limited effectiveness of the boot or weeping wing. Instead of the chemical mess of liquid deicers and the added weight/performance drag of boots, PTC can cover a large surface area without significant weight penalties. And, an exact concentration of heat automatically breaks the bond between the ice and heater surface during each cycle. What’s more, energy is controlled across the system, so the leading edge and shed zones can be heated according to individual needs.

All of which has led to the EGC de-icing system having a pretty major impact on the aviation industry.

  • Up to 35% faster thermal response than typical metallic heater elements
  • Temperature stability is typically +/- 3% across the entire surface
  • Designed for either AC or DC variable input voltages up to 480 VAC
  • Achieves watt densities of up to 100W/in2
  • Parting strip and shed zone virtually eliminates runback
  • All electric with no weeping chemical emissions
  • Instant temperature rise
  • Automatic shedding cycles
  • Digitally controlled
  • STC on Columbia 400/350/300, Cessna Corvalis 400/350; STC on Cirrus SR-22 [Pending]

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