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February 1, 2023

Dear Valued Customer, Vendors and Suppliers,

We are thrilled to announce announce that effective February 1, 2023, EGC Enterprises and Slade Operating Company have been acquired by CDI Energy Products, a global leader in high-performance polymer product manufacturing. We see this acquisition as a win-win for our customers and our team. We are proud to join forces with CDI.

What does this mean for you?

We will keep providing the high caliber, dedication, and integrity you have come to expect from us. On a daily basis, things continue as normal; the only difference is that we now have added resources and capabilities to continue creating value for you and our clients around the globe with a larger array of goods and services to tackle your most difficult challenges.

What does this mean for us?

EGC and Slade will continue to operate as we do today, and we will partner with CDI on new initiatives and opportunities. As a part of the extended CDI family, we will work to implement new safety and sustainability processes and procedures which will help to better protect our staff, our operations, and our world at large. Our locations in North Carolina and Ohio will maintain operations and will have the benefit of CDI’s custom engineering, material design and manufacturing expertise, as well as greater global supply chain access.

Our story continues…

Since 1978 and 1992 respectively, EGC and Slade have been leaders in graphite sealing technologies.  Our customized, engineered solutions, along with our braided packing offerings, have benefited countless customers in the fluid sealing, heavy equipment, aerospace and thermal management markets.  As a part of CDI, we will now be able to add high-performance polymer products to our market offering.

I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for putting your trust in us over the last 40+ years, and for bringing us to where we are today. Our mission remains complete customer satisfaction in every encounter. Every member of the team is driven to make products you can trust to get the job done. During this exciting time, this dedication to getting the job done is stronger than ever.

I am sure you may have questions on the path ahead. Please reach out to John Popovich ( or Paul Clark ( to learn more.

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Sincerest gratitude,

Hugh Slater

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