Outage Season Sealing Solutions

Why Graphite seals from EGC are the best solution for outage season

When outage season is in high gear, the pressure is really on to make repairs quickly and get back on-line. And VSG flexible graphite seals from EGC have qualities that make them a great choice for the high demands of outage season.

  • Won’t fuse or gall to valve body as metal seals do – greatly reducing maintenance labor costs to replace the seal
  • Can often be used in valves that are out of round, have steam cuts, or are pitted – no additional machining necessary
  • Able to withstand thermal cycling demands much better than traditional metal seals – increasing valve uptime


Add in EGC’s decades of graphite engineering and manufacturing expertise, and our flexible graphite seals become an even more powerful sealing solution. That’s how we’ve been able to help power plants reduce maintenance costs and time the plant is offline.

VSG Pro Graphite Pressure Seal

The VSG Pro is a high-density Flexible Graphite Pressure Seal with precision engineered anti-extrusion devices that can be made to any size without tooling. This seal design can fit 95% of the valves in the field today. It is custom engineered to your valve and shipped in 48 hours or less.

VSG ProPack

The VSG ProPack is what every valve rebuilder has been waiting for. It is an Engineered Graphite Packing Set that can be made to any size without tooling. No more need to stock and cut spool packing. VSG ProPack is custom engineered to your valve and shipped in 48 hours or less.


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