VSG Pro. The RX for Steam-Cut or Pitted Valves

Apr 1, 2019

There are two problems that happen with a metal pressure seal that will never happen with high-density graphite… steam-cuts and pitting.

Pitting is corrosion.  It’s caused by placing a metal seal in a very moist, highly pressurized valve. The corrosion can be seen all around the bonnet.

A steam-cut starts with a small leak and, over time, the little pin-hole gradually eats away at the metal, so much so that steam billows from the valve.

Both problems will damage the valve. And both are a nightmare to remove. A metal pressure seal bonds itself in place and removal may require a chisel, a cutting torch or a come-along. Then comes surface restoration which requires welding, grinding, sandblasting or refinishing to make sure that the surface is set up to match the replacement pressure seal.

The VSG Pro, however, has none of these issues.

That’s because the VSG Pro is not made of metal. It’s made of high-density graphite. It will NOT fuse to valve components. EVER. And, it lifts out of the valve as easy as it went in. You may never use a cutting torch again.

The VSG Pro is resilient, so it seals every time and rebounds after every pressure cycle. It’s compressible and conformable. In a study done by the US Navy, a steam cut measuring .030” wide by .080” deep required NO refinishing due to flexible graphite’s ability to conform to indentations in the surface.

And the VSG Pro pressure seal is as easy to get as it is to use. It’s custom engineered by EGC for each individual application and can be manufactured and shipped in just 48 hours. When using our FastTrack expedite service, the VSG can be shipped the same day. No wonder we’re the fastest on the planet!

Ordering can be completed either online or by a  downloadable form which can be emailed to EGC.

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