We call it “flexible graphite” for a reason.

Graphite has qualities that make it a great choice for manufacturing applications. Those qualities include its reaction to extreme temperatures and its ability, given the right engineering, to be flexible. Mineral graphite is chemically treated to enhance...

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Keep valve stems sealed, no ifs, ands or bolts about it.

Live-Loaded packing is a methodology for maintaining steady pressure on a specific gland force that is caused by thermal cycling, pressure surges, packing relaxation, wear or extrusion. EGC has developed a data sheet for all valves providing assistance in accumulating...

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VSG Pro. The RX for Steam-Cut or Pitted Valves

There are two problems that happen with a metal pressure seal that will never happen with high-density graphite… steam-cuts and pitting. Pitting is corrosion.  It’s caused by placing a metal seal in a very moist, highly pressurized valve. The corrosion can be seen all...

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Compression packing, a look beyond the standard stuffing box.

Everyone is familiar with stem packing. The most common type is braided compression packing. Braided packing is used in a wide range of applications. Depending on the service, construction materials can be as diverse as plants or animal derivatives, mineral fibers or...

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