Seals in all sizes. And engineering expertise to match.

When Rob Garlock, our lead pressure seal design engineer, looked at the valve print he couldn’t believe his eyes.  This wasn’t anything close to a typical pressure seal, which usually measures somewhere between 4 to 24 inches. This pressure seal was 45 inches in...

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Pressure seals that come through in the clutch.

An athlete who hits more home runs or strikes out more batters is worth more, right? What we see is the performance on the field and the contract that rewards it. What we don’t see is all the hours of effort that athlete puts in behind the scenes to make that...

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Get your rings just like the champs do.

You’ve removed the valve bonnet and replaced the metal seal with a brand new, VSG pressure seal. But what about the stem packing? You’ve got to replace that too, right? Most repair guys go to their truck and get out braided packing. Then, they cut every ring by hand,...

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This Change is Everything

Valves that used to cycle once or twice a year now cycle multiple times a day.  High-cycle activity is not good for metal pressure seals. They wear-out, leak or gall and could become one with the valve.  It can do major damage to the bonnet cavity and removal can...

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Flexible Graphite. Tough Enough to be a Navy Seal.

About 25 years ago, we engineered the first of many graphite pressure seals for nuclear service.  The US Navy felt that the silver-coated metal seals they had been using were far too heavy.  And, and the silver coating, which provided a secure seal on imperfect valve...

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Out of Round? No Problem!

A valve was over-pressurized in a west coast nuclear power plant.  It led to an extreme condition called out-of-round in the pressure seal cavity.  They called the manufacturer but there was no way to machine the cavity back to accepting a metal seal. And, it would...

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