Up to 50% Savings in Energy Costs

Application: Vulcanizers for Conveyor Belt Splicing

Industry: Manufacturing

Conveyor belts are used in nearly every industry, from mining to food processing and aerospace. But what happens if a belt breaks? Enter Shaw-Almex of Parry Sound, Ontario. Shaw-Almex manufactures conveyor belt vulcanizing equipment for the splicing and repair of conveyor belting.

While Shaw-Almex makes nichrome wire heating elements, it has incorporated EGC’s thin-film NTC heater into its smaller applications. Applications like the Quantum Lightweight Press and MPX and MVP vulcanizers.

“We did some tests on [the EGC heater] and made an important discovery,” said Tim Girard, Shaw-Almex Systems Engineer. According to Girard, when wire burns out, it won’t heat anymore and may lead to a $100,000 repair. But the EGC heater is different. If it develops a pockmark, it continues to heat around the flaw in the carbon.

And that’s not all. The EGC solution saved Shaw-Almex customers 40% to 50% in energy savings alone. “The heaters from EGC heat up and cool down so fast that if you’re dealing with the same wattage, amperage and watt density, you literally cut the time in half,” continued Girard.

So no hot spots and electrical energy savings of up to 50%. Pretty impressive. Now let’s see what EGC can achieve for you. Just reach out to our team at 440-285-5835 or email us.


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